Year: 2024

Oisin McKeogh

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Oisin McKeogh is a writer and director from County Clare, Ireland. He is currently finishing his studies at the National Film School in IADT, majoring in directing.

He is drawn to stories about lonely people in strange situations, trying to find the humour in the bizarreness of human existence. He believes in creating fun, engaging work that still delivers societal critiques or messages.

Oisin has received support and funding for several projects from Creative Ireland, EU Solidarity Corps and Fresh Hothouse, and has had multiple projects screened internationally.

Charlotte Rose Ainsworth

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Charlotte Rose Ainsworth is a writer and director from Bangor, Northern Ireland. She moved to Liverpool to study filmmaking at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and is currently studying her masters at Central Film School in London. 

While studying in Liverpool, Charlotte formed her production company Lights, Camera, Action! Productions Ltd. with fellow co-founder Lorna Lennon-Dalziel. Together, they have written, directed, and produced a number of short films including Little Riots which was created for the Make Film History Project and BBC 100, and was officially selected for Belfast Film Festival 2023. 

Charlotte is passionate about female and queer representation on screen. She’s a huge fan of poetic realism in cinema and loves to find the beauty in the ordinary and the strange in the mundane. Her goal with her work is to represent people and make them feel seen as she believes that is the most important thing an artist can do. 

Conor Bradley

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Conor Bradley is a Belfast born filmmaker. He graduated from the National Film School at IADT with a majors in directing fiction. His graduate short film Sons of Roisin had its international premiere at the 34th Galway Film Fleadh and went on to screen at several other BAFTA and Oscar recognised festivals. In 2022, Conor won ‘Young Filmmaker of the Year for Drama’ at Cinemagic. Sons of Roisin premiered online as part of the NOWNESS short film scheme. 

Since graduating, Conor has been practising his craft through working on music videos with prolific Irish artists such as Kojaque. In 2023, Conor won ‘Best New Irish Director’ and ‘Best New Director’ for music videos at the Kinsale Shark Awards. 

Lia Campbell

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After graduating from the Irish National Film School (Dún Laoghaire Institute of Arts, Technology and Design) in 2020, Lia now works as a director and producer across fiction and documentary. Originally from Belfast, she has lived and worked in Dublin, Berlin and Prague. She is particularly drawn to stories surrounding identity.

Her latest fiction short film Shee, made in collaboration with Nairobi-based writer Aduda Hera and Northern Irish production company Dumbworld, was commissioned by the British Council and funded by the BFI Network. It premiered at the Cork International Film Festival in 2023. Recently she has directed a visual-arts piece for Phil Kieran’s track ‘Grand Central Station’ for his Album The Strand Cinema and began developing a feature-documentary project with the Berlin based experimental music collective Kollectiv Unruhe which has been supported by the Northern Ireland Screen feature documentary fund.

Cathal Eustace

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Cathal Eustace is a Dublin-based filmmaker and photographer. Cathal moved to Dublin in 2020 to study Film & English Literature in Trinity, where he is currently finishing his undergraduate degree. He is currently the director of videography for Top Floor Music, and has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of Dublin-based acts such as Adore, Burglar, Raw Cuts, Asa Nisi Masa and more.

Cathal’s work has recently drawn influence from the world of photography, particularly the work of Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus, Trevor Wisecup and Samuel Fosso. The process of incorporating the ideas and attitudes of photography into a videographic practice has helped Cathal grow into his own style of filmmaking.

Darragh O’Flanagan & Shane Joyce

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Darragh O’Flanagan is a writer-director from Limerick City. Their short film Snow won Best Midwest Short Film at the Richard Harris Film Festival in 2023. Following a placement as shadow director on season 28 of Ros na Rún, Darragh was awarded with the Galway City of Film Irish Language Mentorship Program. His next short, Lobh (Rot), wrapped principal photography in early January.

Shane Joyce is a Mid-West based Irish filmmaker, working as a cinematographer and camera assistant. At 22 he has shot an impressive catalogue of short films and has recently wrapped on shooting a feature documentary in Tanzania. Having won various awards for his shorts Shane is aspiring to focus on cinematography, developing his visual language and grammar. Currently in pre-production with his first funded narrative short film to direct, Shane is eager to pursue funding avenues, put interesting projects together and collaborate with other young and evolving artists.

Hiram Harrington

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Hiram Harrington is a writer and emerging director from North Dublin. His primary interest is in provocative, macabre, and transgender art, drawing influence from the likes of Julia Ducournau, Dario Argento, Park Chan-wook, and John Singleton. He studied Film and Spanish in Trinity College Dublin, and in 2022, received a distinction in his masters in Directing from the MetFilm School Berlin. He, like most Irish artists, practises theatre and filmmaking as a freelancer. He otherwise works in a box office.

Hiram won the SMEDIA for Film Script of the Year in 2019, and directed two short films while in university – Strangers on a Bench (2019) and his masters thesis film GLORY, HOLE (2023, also writer and editor). The latter has screened at festivals internationally. He was nominated in 2021 for Virgin Media Discovers development, and in 2022 for RTÉ’s Storyland development, both for his queer heist script Goodnight Girl. He has previously worked as an assistant script editor and writer on RTÉ’s Fair City. Hiram has collaborated on small, zero-budget videos for independent artists before, and is thrilled by the chance to create a festival-supported music video project.

David McCall

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I grew up in Galway and am currently studying Film & Digital Media and Philosophy in the University of Galway. After developing a passion for film at around the age of 16, I had originally intended on becoming, solely, a screenwriter and it remained that way for quite a few years. It was only after a recommendation from lecturers that writers on our projects should direct them, I was lucky to find another passion. Since then, I have been developing my filmmaking, editing and colour grading skills to as high of a standard as possible.

My latest project, a music video for Van Gone’s Healthy High, is a culmination of this work and is a satisfactory jumping off point for my future projects. I plan to create more music videos as well as creating short films, all of which I will use to improve my skills and to further develop my understanding of the type of art I want to create and, in doing so, understand myself more fully.

Pippa Molony

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Pippa Molony is a multidisciplinary artist from Dublin. She is a filmmaker and theatre-maker, and has made music videos for artists such as Aby Coulibaly, Ahmed, With Love, EFÉ and Khaki Kid. She has won a number of awards for her writing, producing and directing work, and last year, her short film ‘Clara’s Room’ was the September spotlighted BFI Film Academy film and premiered online via Nowness ‘Picks’. Pippa also works as an Actor, Musician, Drama facilitator and Intimacy Coordinator. As an artist, she is interested in making work that challenges audiences and addresses questions of identity, community and transgression.

Meghan O’Shaughnessy

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Meghan O’Shaughnessy is a 23 year old female filmmaker from rural Limerick. She recently graduated from The National Film School at IADT in Dun Laoghaire where she specialised in directing. Her graduate film ‘How to Skin a Cheetah’ was nominated for 2 Kinsale Shark Awards, one of which was ‘Best Irish Film’ and is premiering at Dublin International Film Festival this year. This film is a coming of age black comedy that explores themes of violence in an absurdist world. 

Meghan has won several accolades for her filmmaking including a Royal Television Society Award. Shewas also awarded ‘Best Film in a Student Category’ at The Richard Harris International Film Festival and The Disappear Here International Film Festival for her short documentary, ‘They Killed Us For Existing’ in 2022. 

Meghan is passionate about telling stories with feminist themes in the horror genre and takes visual inspiration from the German Expressionist movement. 

Ashish Prasai

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Ashish is a filmmaker born and raised in Dublin with his ethnic background being Nepalese. From a very young age, Ashish strived to create things to understand the world around him and his identity. Coming from a very diverse culture he has a very unique perspective on life and the art he makes. He is currently in his second year at the National Film School working on various projects including his recent one “DEAR ISHAN” which had a public screening in collaboration with the Arts Council last August. This piece was the truest form of his expression of his late brother and being raised as a person of color in Ireland.

Ashish has been selected for many festivals around the world and has a lot of projects in the works. He is very ambitious in telling stories of the voiceless, “The more I delve deeper into my understanding of humanity, the more I see how much love and support we need. Filmmaking allows me to explore stories, cultures, and individuals that have not been represented as of yet, it is something I am working on as I develop my style as an artist to help connect all of us. I truly believe that is the true beauty of this art form”