I grew up in Galway and am currently studying Film & Digital Media and Philosophy in the University of Galway. After developing a passion for film at around the age of 16, I had originally intended on becoming, solely, a screenwriter and it remained that way for quite a few years. It was only after a recommendation from lecturers that writers on our projects should direct them, I was lucky to find another passion. Since then, I have been developing my filmmaking, editing and colour grading skills to as high of a standard as possible.

My latest project, a music video for Van Gone’s Healthy High, is a culmination of this work and is a satisfactory jumping off point for my future projects. I plan to create more music videos as well as creating short films, all of which I will use to improve my skills and to further develop my understanding of the type of art I want to create and, in doing so, understand myself more fully.