Hiram Harrington is a writer and emerging director from North Dublin. His primary interest is in provocative, macabre, and transgender art, drawing influence from the likes of Julia Ducournau, Dario Argento, Park Chan-wook, and John Singleton. He studied Film and Spanish in Trinity College Dublin, and in 2022, received a distinction in his masters in Directing from the MetFilm School Berlin. He, like most Irish artists, practises theatre and filmmaking as a freelancer. He otherwise works in a box office.

Hiram won the SMEDIA for Film Script of the Year in 2019, and directed two short films while in university – Strangers on a Bench (2019) and his masters thesis film GLORY, HOLE (2023, also writer and editor). The latter has screened at festivals internationally. He was nominated in 2021 for Virgin Media Discovers development, and in 2022 for RTÉ’s Storyland development, both for his queer heist script Goodnight Girl. He has previously worked as an assistant script editor and writer on RTÉ’s Fair City. Hiram has collaborated on small, zero-budget videos for independent artists before, and is thrilled by the chance to create a festival-supported music video project.