Ruairi is a director born and raised in Belfast. When he was 16, he was accepted into the NFTS residential in Beaconsfield under the mentorship of Brian Tufano and Lesley Manning. This was when he realised that pursuing a career in film was possible.

Two years later, he decided to move to Dublin, where he co-founded 46A Productions. He has since worked across various mediums with the likes of Kojaque, Jafaris and Volleyball. The Volleyball campaign has since been shortlisted for a Kinsale Shark award.

Still keeping a foot in the fiction world, Ruairi co-produced the short film ‘Sons of Roisin’ which is currently doing the festival circuit, picking up 4 Kinsale Shark nominations and a Cinemagic award along the way.

Ruairi is currently in his third year of studies at the National Film School, striving to develop his filmmaking skills and pursuing his goal of becoming a full-time director.