Ashish is a filmmaker born and raised in Dublin with his ethnic background being Nepalese. From a very young age, Ashish strived to create things to understand the world around him and his identity. Coming from a very diverse culture he has a very unique perspective on life and the art he makes. He is currently in his second year at the National Film School working on various projects including his recent one “DEAR ISHAN” which had a public screening in collaboration with the Arts Council last August. This piece was the truest form of his expression of his late brother and being raised as a person of color in Ireland.

Ashish has been selected for many festivals around the world and has a lot of projects in the works. He is very ambitious in telling stories of the voiceless, “The more I delve deeper into my understanding of humanity, the more I see how much love and support we need. Filmmaking allows me to explore stories, cultures, and individuals that have not been represented as of yet, it is something I am working on as I develop my style as an artist to help connect all of us. I truly believe that is the true beauty of this art form”