Abreain Blake is a 23-year-old film graduate and creative based in Cork. Blake has experience in a multitude of art forms. She is a member of the band, Pretty Happy, & founded Angry Mom Collective in 2019. AMC was a collective that came together in an effort to raise awareness of the gender divide in the Irish Arts industry.

She cares deeply about activism and creativity and tries to blend the two when making art. In her activism, she continually promotes the culture and creativity of underrepresented voices. Most recently, she was Triskel Arts Centres artist in residence, where she produced/directed Leeside Creatures. Leeside Creatures was a short documentary exploring Corks Post Punk Lineage, which debuted in August 2022 to great praise.

In 2022 Blake was also the creative director of Quare. A one-day festival celebrating Queer culture in Cork as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival. Quare was a multidisciplinary event which included theatre, film & music. Quare was funded by Creative Ireland & Cork City Council. Blake continues to explore different art forms, from touring the UK & EU with legends like Kim Gordon & Pavement to working on BAFTA-nominated docuseries.

Abreain has been supported by the Cork City Council, Culture Ireland & Arts Council Ireland on various projects throughout her career.