YMVC 2018

The quality of the submissions for YMVC 2018 were so high that mentors Brendan Canty and David Lester Mooney expanded the competition to include six instead of five filmmakers which had been the number in previous years.

Alexander Kuribayashi – Ryan Vail (The Wait)
Greg Murphy – Pale Rivers (Ice Field)
Michael Marren – Paddy Hanna (Mario Lanza)
Sam McGrath – La Galaxie (Women in Love)
Eleanor Rogers – Tim Chadwick (Belong)
Sean Sheridan – Bitch Falcon (Prime Number)

The year’s winning video by Alexander Kuribayashi was selected as the official release for Ryan Vail’s Breaking Minds.

The runner-up video, Sam McGrath’s video for La Galaxie’s Women in Love, also became the song’s official video.