YMVC 2016

The first ever YMVC launched the Competition in grand style. The 2016 filmmakers and the artists they made videos for were:

Brendan Corcoran – Meltybrains? (Know My Name)
Charlie Doherty – Kobina (Big Heart)
Christian Tierney – The Academic (Northern Boy)
Aaron Moran – The Altered Hours (Who’s Saving Who?)
Cian Desmond & Jack Desmond – Daithí (April)

Christian Tierney and Brendan Corcoran tied at first place for the 2016 YMVC prize.

The videos embedded below from Christian Tierney, Charlie Doherty and Brendan Corcoran became the official videos for the tracks by The Academic, Meltybrains? and Kobina.

And Christian Tierney went on to become Conor McGregor’s personal videographer…