Bob Gallagher

Bob Gallagher is an award-winning filmmaker described by Werner Herzog as a ‘good soldier of cinema’ and by Totally Dublin as ‘one of the nation’s premiere creative forces in the visual arts’. Gallagher came to prominence as the creator of some of the most iconoclastic music videos to emerge from Ireland in recent years, collaborating with acts such as Girl Band, Lankum, Pillow Queens and Villagers. His music videos have received international press, and multiple awards. With a darkly experimental aesthetic, his work explores the psychological impacts of juxtaposing music and image, often in collaboration with artists from other disciplines. Recent music video work includes the project Shoulderblades for Gilla Band in which he directed and choreographed acclaimed contemporary dancer Oona Doherty. He is currently developing his debut feature film The Song Collector as part of Screen Ireland’s Director’s Concept Development Award.